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"A refreshing break for professional photographers and inspiration for beginners who long to color outside the lines." The Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter Issue #191 4/25/02


"Employing her old manual 35mm as well as other classic cameras , Nitsa created an intriguing collection of street photographs from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York Boston and Texas After capturing her images she is sure to find a unique way of presenting them while she is certain to remain a spectator. " Anonymous

"Nitsa is a photographic interpreter of people in the urban scene. Her work is published via world wide web, printed books, and periodic framed print exhibits. Much of it, though capturing both human subject and urban setting, does not center upon either but rather the interplay between them. Elements of paradox and surprise are often strong.

A photo with a bicyclist isn't exactly about the bicyclist; a prominent bridge is there. The bridge that dominates is not the subject; a biker draws attention. And just as the individual photos may confound normal expectation so too her approach as a whole sidesteps normal convention. She coins "nonphotography" to describe it. It's photography but, well, different and simpler, not exactly that.

self portrait Photographers create images. Nitsa's approach is more about capturing than creating them. Material for great photos surrounds us. The images are already there, free for the taking without any calculated construction. So for Nitsa, the measured application of textbook, technique, and equipment is superfluous because unnecessary. These are skills more than talent, science more than art. Rather she releases herself to an immersion in the flow of events around her, camera coincidentally in hand. Good pictures usually wind up in the camera. This is talent more than skill. And it seems to be Nitsa's, exercised with dedication and enthusiasm.

Nitsa is from Los Angeles and so are many of her photos. And many more are taken in cities she visits."
David Morgan, 2005

"...But as much as I looked into photography as it was presented through its different forms I realized something was not working out for me. It didn't flow with the feel and natural drive I had. This drive which sent me out to the streets finding random scenes. I found no interest in the amount or the conditions of light. I didn't care about the shapes or colors, which came together to construct the picture. Obviously I was neither a photographer nor striving to become one...are you listening? hey! wake up!"

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Photography related information:

Personal information:

  • Real Name: Nitsa
  • Age: undetermined.
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Place of birth: Israel
  • Inspiration: Andy Kaufman (song and dance man)
  • Favorite music: Pink Floyd, R.E.M
  • Best book: Sherlock Holmes
  • Best movie: Adaptation
self portrait

"It's probably not quite what you think it is, but it's still awfully good. A collection of captured street life - fast, unfocused, weirdly composed (if composed at all). Atmosphere is everything."

"Although she claims to take pictures with "no regards to excellency," her photos are, in fact, quite excellent."
Yahoo! Picks

"The photos are so true, so evocative - you've made me homesick for NYC.  Are any of your photos for sale?" Murray

"The result is a gallery_files of attractive images of people and places caught spontaneously in the heat of activity"
Robert, Ciber photography

"Street Photography is a visual jam session without the usual constraints of framing one's shot, focusing and so forth. Shocked as you may be, it works well indeed."
St. Petersburg Times

"Nitsa uses color film to capture the incandescence of many scenes that other postcards and descriptions don't -- the glare of neon off the slick black surface of Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame, the glow when the sun has just slipped below the horizon at Marina del Rey."
Nonprofit Prism, News for Southern California Nonprofits

"Behind this page there is the concept of non-photography. For the photographer Nitsa it means the purity of pictures making, without addition of lenses, filters and other photographic accessories. Enthusiasm, open senses (mind) and creativity are the exclusive tools of non-photography. The results are wonderful authentic pictures, full of energy."

"thank you for the beautifull experience."
Andrea, chile

"I am inspired"
kinymay, California

"I am absolutely captivated by your photos, your words as well. I'd have to say that I am in love with your pictures and this whole concept on non-p, it doesn't matter what you call it, what you are doing is utterly inspiring."
Amy Johnson

"I heard about your site here in Portugal on a radio show called Internet Planet and decided to check it out. Your pictures show that sometimes the best rule is no rules at all."
Mauricio, Portugal

"I recently heard about you through a friend of mine, he sent me the link to your website. As the photos popped up on my screen, I realized that your photos were engaging, quite different and very experimental. I enjoyed your playful approach to photography"
Chris Bart

"I came across your web site through a link on my own web site.  I like your work.  Although you may not be consciously following any rules, I think that you have an eye for a good photo and are at least unconsciously selecting some scenes and ignoring others."

"I'm putting together a web-based magazine which features cool photography.  I'd love to feature some of your work."
Mark M. Chou

"Your photo-energy and obvious dedication to the art (craft?, non-craft?, non-art?...) is IMPRESSIVE"
Gary Mark Smith

"WOW...just got my life back,gonna throw out all my manuals and load up with some black and white film and walk the streets with an uncluttered mind and camera bag..thanks."
Doug, United Kingdom

"When I first went through your black and white photos, I thought that street photography in b&w look best! But then I saw your colour shots, and I decided I liked both very much."

self.portrait "Your photos are incredibly inspirational for me.  I love your colours, your eye, the balance, and at the same time the anarchy of it all. I wish I could spend a few days photographing with you. I think too many of us get beat-up and imprisoned by photographic technology and the "rules" of photography."
John, Victoria B.C. Canada