Rules Rules Rules

...seems like from the beginning of time, many artists chose to follow the same politically correct path, forming the rules of arts, reaching a mutual understanding of what is ideal and pleasing to our delicate eye...

Instead there's a (free)form of self-expression without any special characterristics and principles. it cannot be labled or classified. It is free of filters, stylish lenses and other expensive equipment. the non-photographer's main tools are passion, an open mind and hopefully some creativity.
what is

palms. santa monica printer transfer Hollywood Camera: Holga shabbat Holga - medium format /Ilford Delta 3200 Rain in westwood San Francisco Randy's Donuts Los Angeles Camera: Holga

Aboandoning the rules (how?)

The beauty of is that it is like going on an unknown voyage.
Some photographers tend to stage their photos, often in order to come up with a pleasing and even a saleable product. But if you're eager to keep up with the energy of the streets (or like me too lazy for big productions), I'd bet you'll enjoy taking advantage of what's already out there when all you really need for your assignment is to keep an open eye (Ok, an open mind as well won't hurt).
How? ... ideas and motivation

  • The challanges of street photography
  • alternatives
  • Photographing at night
  • The next step (darkroom and digital techniques)
  • self review

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Experimental and Creative photography blog

This blog's purpose is to provide iDeas and insPiration to all Photographers out there. keep in mind, Everything shared with you is simple and EASY to do, is available for every_ one and does not require any special gifts, ~skills or extra_ordinary talents.
Experimental and Creative photography blog